What is an Interpretation of a Service Record?

Service Records give the details of a serviceman’s/service woman’s postings, promotions, and disciplinary record throughout their career in the military.  The Service Record, however, is normally full of acronyms and abbreviations that can be difficult for a non-military person to decipher and isn’t always chronological.

The interpretation of a Service Record gives the details of a serviceman’s/service woman’s career in the military in a chronological sequence in plain English which can be understood by any non-military person.

Details included in the Interpretation of a Service Record

The interpretation of a Service record includes:

  • Background prior to enlistment.
  • His/her physical appearance at the time of enlistment.
  • A chronological record of his/her career in the military.
  • Maps of areas where the serviceman/servicewoman served during campaigns/operations during his/her career.
  • Detailed descriptions of awards and medals earned.
  • Details of the unit/regiment he/she served.
  • Copy of his/her original history Sheet

Format of the Interpretation of a Service Record

We can provide both soft copy and hard copy versions of Service Record Interpretations.

  • Hard Copy – This is presented as an A4 size booklet printed in colour and bound with spiral binding.
  • Soft Copy – This is provided as a searchable pdf file.


We can only provide Interpretation of Service Records for service personnel who served in the Royal New Zealand Navy, New Zealand Army and Royal New Zealand Air Force during WWI and WWII.

Please visit our “Enquire Now” Page and provide details of the Serviceman/Servicewoman and we will get in touch with you