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Medals R Us is a New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) accredited and contracted Medal Mounter, and we carry out medal mounting work for NZDF as and when requested.  When mounting medals for wear by NZDF personnel we strictly adhere to the NZDF Medal Mounting Standard which stipulates how and to what standard medals are to be mounted.

We ensure that we maintain this high standard of mounting for all medals that are mounted by us be it originals or replicas, to be worn or displayed.

If medals either originals or replicas are to be worn or displayed these need to be mounted as per the correct “Order of Wear”. This is very precise, specialised and labour intensive work.  Our medal mounters put a lot of heart and effort into our mounting as we know how important and valuable these medals are. Quality is of uppermost importance to us.

What is Medal Mounting

If you want to understand what medal mounting is and how we do it, please visit our page “MEDAL MOUNTING – What is It?.

How to Order Medal Mounting Online

If you want to understand how order medal mounting services for medals purchased online and your medals, please visit our page MEDAL MOUNTING – How to order“.

Time Taken For Mounting

The normal turnaround time for mounting of medals is approximately two weeks provided there are no rare medals that require hard-to-find ribbons to be sourced from overseas. Note that during peak times like pre-ANZAC Day, that lead time can stretch to several weeks, and work is carried out on a first in first out basis.

Sending us your medals

If you are sending us your original or replica medals for mounting /remounting, please send them to us via courier post to avoid loss.

Mounting Cost

Our mounting cost includes labour, materials, new ribbons and brooch pin.

If mounting is required for replica medals purchased online, these are priced at a discounted rate.  If you’re sending your own medals for cleaning and remounting, these are mounted at a slightly higher rate.